Frau genießt Sonne

An overheated bedroom that causes sleepless nights. A study whose high temperatures make it impossible to work. Or a living room that is heated up so much by the sun that relaxing is out of the question. Summers are getting hotter and hotter and forcing households to act. For many, the solution is an energy-hungry air conditioner. 

Homematic IP offers a cheaper, more convenient solution, however. Our smart home system can take over control of the shutters, the external blinds or the internal roller blinds, for instance, and thus prevent the rooms from heating up in the first place. This way, it’s impossible for you to forget to close the shutters in the morning and come home to a completely overheated house in the evening.

Cooling with smart shutter control

Electric shutters or blinds can be integrated into your smart home with very little effort, even retroactively. It just requires a wireless module to be installed at the switch or in a junction box. The Shutter Actuator for flush-mounting (HmIP-FROLL), for instance, can be easily and invisibly installed in a flush-mounted box. Afterwards, the shutters can be easily controlled via your smartphone, fully automatically with a time profile or as usual using standard pushbuttons.


If you do not have electric shutters or venetian blinds, you can switch to electric roller blinds with an integrated wireless module. If they are battery powered, no cables are required for installation. Roller blinds of this type are available from Homematic IP in cooperation with Hunter Douglas

Sun, shade and protection – simply smartly controlled.

During the day, your awnings and Venetian blinds keep out the blazing sun. In the evening and when you’re away, your shutters keep you feeling safe and secure. Make your electric shading smart with Homematic IP solutions – for more convenience and many clever benefits.

More about smart shading

No additional devices needed

So that a smart home knows when the house is in danger of overheating in the summer, it needs additional sensors. However, these can be simple temperature sensors, and Homematic IP’s radiator and wall thermostats already come with those. So additional devices are often not even necessary. 


With a temperature sensor, Homematic IP’s heat protection function can be used. You can find it in the Homematic IP app in the “Shutter configuration” area. Define here at what room temperature the shutters should close. Alternatively, you can use the “Light sensor – outdoor” menu item. It measures the sunlight and can close the shutters if it is very strong. 

The shutter actuator for flush-mounting can be installed invisibly in flush-mounted boxes and makes your shading solution smart.

Heating that cools

Another way to get to grips with overheated rooms: use the underfloor heating to cool your home. To do this, it needs to be a water-borne underfloor heating system and you need to be using a heat pump that also permits cooling. If that’s the case, you can use the same Homematic IP components that are already reducing consumption in winter to save energy in summer. 


For example, this can be an underfloor heating controller that is connected to the underfloor heating valve drives in the heating manifold. Or you can opt for networked room thermostats that are wired to the underfloor heating valve drives. This allows you to create time profiles for both cooling and heating that determine when the rooms should be at what temperature. 

Minimal energy consumption

It becomes even more convenient and efficient if the Multi IO Box from Homematic IP is installed. It connects directly to the heat pump . This allows you to easily switch between heating and cooling mode via the Homematic IP app or a wall-mount remote control – or the changeover occurs automatically. 

The Multi IO Box can also be used to optimally coordinate underfloor heating and the heat pump. If you switch off the underfloor heating, for example, the Multi IO Box automatically turns down the heat pump, saving additional energy. And, if you’re going away on holiday, the entire heating and cooling system can be switched to economy mode at the touch of a finger. That’s how easy and convenient energy saving can be!