Homematic IP Alarmsirene außen an Hauswand

Deter burglars with Homematic IP

Have you ever been burgled, or do you know someone who has?If so, you are not alone:statistics show that there are more than 200 attempted burglaries every day in Germany alone.If the burglars are successful, they steal valuable objects and destroy property.

To make you feel secure – and your valuables safe.

Quite apart from the material damage,a burglary makes people feel very insecure.They no longer feel safe in their own home.However, the number of successful break-ins is falling because modern and smart security technology is being installed in more and more buildings.With the Homematic IP Starter Set Alarm, you can upset burglars’ plans.And, with additional components, you can protect your smart home even more.

Alerts you to intruders on your property or in your house

Unwanted activities on your property are reliably detected by our outdoor motion detectors – and indicated by a loud alarm.Door and window contacts indicate on the Homematic IP app whether doors or windows have been opened.Our indoor sensors detect unauthorised entry attempts and immediately sound the alarm:the 90-decibel alarm siren and the two LEDs quickly drive burglars away.And you receive a notification on your smartphone at the same time.

These Homematic IP products are always alert:

Ready for other tasksin the absence of break-in attempts!

Connect your Homematic IP devices together so that they offer even more than protection and security.For example, the window contacts can take on an important role in climate control as well as security.Once attached to the window, they not only serve as burglar alarms but can also tell the electronic radiator thermostats when a window has been opened for ventilation, and the heating needs to be temporarily turned down.

These Homematic IP products take care of your security and wellbeing:

For an all-round sense of security:data protection with Homematic IP

No personal data is required to set up or operate your Homematic IP smart home, which means that no conclusions can be drawn about your identity or your individual usage behaviour.All communication between the access point, cloud and app is encrypted.Even during the system’s installation, Homematic IP communication is secure and cannot be manipulated.
Similarly to online banking, we too use the universally recognised AES-128 and CCM procedures.Our high security standard for wireless and IT communication is also confirmed by VDE and AV-TEST certification.

What our customers say

No one can tell better than our customers how well Homematic IP smart home solutions perform in everyday use. We are always happy to receive their feedback on our products. Whether praise or criticism, every bit of feedback helps us to become better. And to better understand our customers and their wishes.

"My smart home feeling is when my house does the things I do manually every day, over and over again, automatically for me." Here, he relies on the smart functions that he can configure very easily and individually with the Homematic IP app. The broad product portfolio of Homematic IP makes it particularly easy for Alexander to combine different solutions - flexibly by radio or also wired and thus particularly fail-safe. "That's smart!"

– Alexander from Schwarmstedt –

"Heinz Joachim aus Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde ist begeisterter Homematic IP Anwender. Ihn fasziniert die Einfachheit von Homematic IP. "Das System ist einfach einzurichten und zu bedienen." Unter diesen Bedingungen kann Smart Home aus seiner Sicht auch das Leben älterer Menschen bereichern. "Das ist Technik, die auch ältere Menschen begeistert!"

– Heinz Joachim aus Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde –

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