Individual background images, scaling font sizes, an optional dark mode and a tidy home screen make controlling the smart home with the new Homematic IP app an even greater visual pleasure. There are also useful new features. For example, the software developers at eQ-3 have significantly increased the number of Home favorites at the request of the community. In the tile view, up to 15 favorites entries per room now enable particularly quick and easy operation.

Also much requested and now available is full support for tablets. The large screen provides an optimal overview of the smart home. Further improvements and functions are already planned for future updates, including the option to use the app on the smartwatch. Despite all the changes, the Homematic IP app will of course remain free of charge as usual.

The new Homematic IP app will be released gradually in the Google Play Store (Android devices) and the Apple App Store (iOS devices) and will be available to all users within a few days. An existing app installation can simply be updated to the new version. All user and device settings are transferred automatically. Measurement data is not lost and can be downloaded again from the Homematic IP Cloud.

With the release of the new Homematic IP app, the previous beta test will end and the beta version will no longer be supported. "We would like to thank all testers of the pre-release version for their participation in the beta test and their valuable feedback, which has helped to improve our app," says Tido de Vries, Team Leader Product Management and Technical Documentation at eQ-3.