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Homematic IP app

Configure all the settings for your smart home in the Homematic IP app, and use it to control, regulate and monitor your devices whenever you want. 

Your smart home – you have it well in hand.

Who hasn't experienced it? You're on the road and want to check whether the ceiling light in the living room is still switched on, whether everything is in order in your home or you want to lower the shutters at short notice. All this and much more can be easily monitored and controlled: with the free app for your smart home. It's the hub of your smart four walls. You teach in all of your home devices with the app, set them up individually, monitor and operate them.

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Get to know all the new functions in the app update.

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Set your own heating schedules. And easily configure scenarios in combination with suitable smart home solutions such as the Window / Door Contact, so that the heating can be turned down to save energy when cold air flows in.



In the event of an alarm, e.g. for burglary, fire or water damage, you will be alerted immediately by a push message and display in the app.



Control light and shade – and combine the relevant devices in groups in the app.



With active widgets, you can control certain Homematic IP components directly from the home screen of your smartphone.. For example opening and locking a door, or switching lights on and off. Passive widgets let you quickly jump from the homescreen to a room or function.

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Configure your shutters to raise and lower at specific times of the day or night. Or control them whenever you want with the touch of a finger.



Connect your smart surveillance camera to the Homematic IP app and view the live images directly on your smartphone.

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Communication between the Homematic IP app, your smart home devices and the Homematic IP Cloud is securely encrypted according to the highly secure AES 128 standard. Our servers are located in Germany. In addition, to protect your privacy, no registration is necessary.


Push messages

In addition, get notification from push messages on your smartphone. For example, if a window is still open after 10 pm. Via the Homematic IP app, you can easily define when and for what you want to receive push messages.

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Exemplary security and data protection

VDE Siegel

VDE-certified for protocol, IT and data security.

Keine persönlichen Daten

Requires no personal data.

Homematic IP Cloud

Using the app via the secure Homematic IP Cloud, which enables remote access to the Homematic IP devices.

Deutsche Server

The cloud is operated exclusively on German servers and is thus subject to the highest security standards.

New time and again

Widgets, push messages ... The Homematic IP App is being further developed all the time. New functions are constantly being added to make the running of your smart home even more comprehensive and simple; whether for iOS or Android. And best of all: the app is completely free. To use the app, all you need is a connection to the Homematic IP Cloud.

The latest features:

Measurement data recording

Now new: Measurement data recording in the Homematic IP app

When is the sun shining particularly brightly on the south side of my house? How much precipitation has there been in the last few weeks? What is the course of the room temperature in the living room on a hot sunny day? The more you know about your home, the more specifically you can control it with the help of smart technology to increase living comfort or save energy. That's why the free Homematic IP app now gives users the opportunity to read out the data from your smart helpers and display it clearly.

More news about the Homematic IP app:

User rights management

You live with your family in a smart home and all family members have access to the smart home system via their smartphone? But not everyone should have access to the security-relevant areas of the app. And not everyone needs the full scope either. The user rights management function of the Homematic IP app makes the smart home system even more secure and user-friendly. The function makes it possible to manage the users of an installation and assign them one of three roles with different authorisations.

A brief introduction to the user roles

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The administrator has unrestricted access to all areas and settings of the Homematic IP app. Sensitive areas are protected by an individual administrator PIN, which replaces the previous system PIN. The administrator defines the roles of the other users within the installation. The number of administrators in an installation is not limited.

Normal user
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Normal users do not have access to the PIN-protected areas of the Homematic IP app, for example to the management of access authorisations. With this exception, they can use and control all functions as usual.

Restricted users
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Restricted users are pure users. They can use basic functions that are needed in everyday life, such as light and temperature control. This user role is suitable for children, household help or guests, for example. The user interface of a restricted user does not contain a "Basics" tab and is colour-coded.

Questions and answers on user rights management

Smart Home from a single source

Control your entire smart home via the app at the touch of a finger and get a full overview of the current status of all devices and functions in your system at any time.


In the event of an alarm, e.g. for burglary, fire or water damage, you will be alerted immediately by a push message and display in the app.

The right function for every application

The Homematic IPapp offers you the right configuration option for all applications in the smart home. It can be used clearly and intuitively.


For example, you can create individual heating profiles for each room. Control light and shade – and combine the relevant devices in groups in the app. Activate the protection mode or the energy-saving Eco mode for room climate control. And simply think of your own additional functions, depending on what you'd like to automate in your smart home.

Smart control, no matter when and where

You can operate and configure your entire smart home via the app, whether you are at home or out and about.


So that you can access important functions in the app as quickly as possible, you can individually define so-called "home favourites" for this purpose.

Free updates for more functions

The Homematic IP Smartphone app grows all by itself along with the demands that you place your smart home. For this purpose, the app is constantly being updated and expanded with free additional functions.