Button rocker for brand switches – with arrows, anthrazite

Are you making your shutters or blinds smart with an actuator for brand switches, and do you want a matching button rocker with arrows that's easy to install?? If so then use the Homematic IP push button rocker with arrows and enjoy the convenience of raising and lowering them inside the room. The adapter is already inserted in the rocker for the appropriate fit on the actuator.

Other highlights

  • The arrows on the button rocker make it particularly suitable for controlling shutters, awnings and blinds
  • Compatible with many Homematic IP actuators for brand switches, e.g.:
    • Homematic IP shutter actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BROLL)
    • Homematic IP blind actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BBL)
  • As an alternative to the supplied interchangeable frame, can also be easily integrated into many Size 55 frames from leading brand manufacturers: Berker, Busch-Jaeger, ELSO, Gira, merten, JUNG, Kopp


Product Variants

Button rocker for brand switches – with arrows, anthrazite

Order information

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Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)
86 x 86 x 16 mm
Ambient temperature
5 to 35 °C
45 g