Security and alarms

Homematic IP security components make life difficult for burglars. You are informed whenever windows and doors are opened without authorisation – a quick look at your smartphone is enough to confirm that all is well at home. And smoke alarms ensure that any fire is detected at an early stage. So a smart home installation with Homematic IP makes you feel safe and secure all round. The system can be armed any time you need via the app or the Homematic IP Key Ring Remote Control – and you can choose between “presence mode” and “absence mode”. If presence mode is activated, the system triggers an alarm as soon as windows or doors are opened, for example. If absence mode is active, the sensors inside the house are also included. This means that motion detectors will register any movements, among other things. In the event of an alarm, both an audible signal can be given via a siren and a push message can be sent to your smartphone. That way, you know at any time, anywhere in the world, whether everything is as it should be at home.