Shutters, blinds and awnings

Shutters and blinds darken rooms and provide privacy, while awnings protect against excessive sunlight. The window coverings can be set up with just a few simple steps in the Homematic IP app, after which they can be opened or closed automatically. And what’s really practical is that you can also control them while you're out and about – after all, unexpected events such as a sudden storm or heavy rain often occur when you’re away from home. The Homematic IP window protection systems are conveniently controlled via individual week-long profiles that also factor in sunrise and sunset. In case of strong sunlight, the window protection systems can be automatically lowered to prevent the room from heating up. The Homematic IP blind actuators also allow you to precisely adjust the position of the slats. Another advantage: smart shutters and blinds actively contribute to security because they make sure that your home looks occupied – even when the actual occupant is on the other side of the world.