When home becomes your home.

Start smart with Homematic IP

More comfort. More security.
More flexibility.

Start now to turn your four walls into your smart home. With Homematic IP, living is easier, more comfortable, safer and more sustainable. In every room, according to your individual wishes. Let's go:

start smart!

More comfort. More security. More flexibility.

Start now to turn your four walls into your smart home. With Homematic IP, living is easier, more comfortable, safer and more sustainable. In every room, according to your individual wishes. Let's go:

start smart!

Easy, fast, smart: Install Homematic IP in just three steps

Discover how easy it is to make your home smarter. With Homematic IP, you can take convenience, security and energy efficiency to a new level - and the best thing about it? Installation is child's play and can be completed in just three simple steps.

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Select starter set

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Install free app

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Set up your smart home


Your Homematic IP smart home system is ready for use. From now on, you can enjoy convenient control of heating, lighting and security from anywhere.

Welcome to the future of living with Homematic IP!

Intelligencein the entire house:
Smart solutions for every room

Immerse yourself in the world of Homematic IP and experience how your home can become smarter. Imagine your living room welcoming you with the perfect atmosphere for a movie night - at the touch of a button. In the bedroom, the shutters open gently as the sun rises and your ready-made coffee is waiting just when you need it. Homematic IP makes it possible to increase the comfort, security and efficiency of your home.


Living room

A movie night at the touch of a button: lighting, blinds, sound, TV - everything adjusted to your wishes.


In the morning, your coffee machine awaits you already warmed up and ready for you. For a dream start to the day.


Towel warmers and underfloor heating adapt to your habits - for example in the morning, in the evening or after sport.


Intelligent shutters adjust to the sunrise and sunset, provide privacy or serve as a natural alarm clock.


When you come home, the light goes on. When no one is in the hallway, it goes off again. So convenient, so energy-saving.

Children's room

Ensure safety with sensor-controlled nightlights that light the way as soon as the little ones get up at night.

Utility room

Your smart meter delivers precise data directly to your smartphone. Together with metering data logging, you are always in control of your consumption.

Front door

Use your personal code on the Homematic IP Keypad to open the door to your home - securely and conveniently tailored to your needs.


A simple touch of a button on your smartphone and your garage door responds promptly, as a reliable part of your connected home.

Start into a smart home:
Comfortable, safe, efficient

Experience a home that combines convenience, security and efficiency with Homematic IP. Easy to install and flexibly expandable, Homematic IP offers intelligent solutions for a pleasant atmosphere, comprehensive protection and noticeable energy savings. Start living in a smart home that adapts to your wishes.

Comfort at home

Comfort at home - comfortably furnished

Enjoy a comfortable temperature at all times; have pleasant lighting exactly where you are; control shutters according to schedule or the position of the sun: that's how comfortable you can experience your home when you start with Homematic IP smart.

Even the first steps into this comfortable life are convenient: a few Homematic IP products are all you need to get started. Setting up the system is very easy. And if required, you can easily integrate additional solutions.


Safety and protection

Security and protection - securely installed

Controlled access to the home, security lighting, loud alarms, vigilant smoke detectors: You can implement these and other solutions securely with Homematic IP. So that you can feel safe and secure at home at all times, you can get started easily with just a few Homematic IP products. This means you have all the main risks in your smart home under control. Completely secure.


Save energy

Saving energy - implemented in a cost-saving way

Prices for electricity, gas and hot water are rising - but we have something to do about it: Our smart home solutions help you to save energy and still live comfortably. With Homematic IP, you can reduce your heating costs by up to 33%*. For example, by switching off unnecessary loads, making intelligent use of sunlight or lowering the heating temperature when the window is open. Time is money - start now!

Your entry into the smart home:
The versatile starter sets

Discover the world of Homematic IP with our innovative starter sets! Get started with smart living and experience how your home interacts intelligently with you. Our starter sets provide the perfect basis for your individual smart home and are specially designed to make your everyday life more convenient, secure and efficient.

Alternatively, you can of course also start with any other product. All you need is a Homematic IP access point.

Your smart home system. Simply Homematic IP.

Do I have to have everything wired or can it also be done wirelessly? Do I need an installer or can I do it myself? Can I also use devices from other manufacturers? Questions like these prevent many people from simply getting started with their smart home. Homematic IP is different: we adapt to your wishes. Whether apartment or house, new or old building, wireless or wired or both: with our solutions, you can set up your smart home just the way you want it.

Choose from over 80 products - and connect everything to your heart's content. Homematic IP is extremely versatile, flexible, highly reliable and secure.

FAQs about Homematic IP:
Your Smart Home System explained

Here we answer all your questions about the Homematic IP Smart Home System. Find useful information and practical tips on how to make your home smarter. More FAQs can be found in our FAQ section.

What exactly is the Homematic IP smart home system?

The Homematic IP smart home system helps you to intelligently control and automate your home. It is a comprehensive system that controls various aspects of home comfort: heating, lighting, security and more. All very easily via the free Homematic IP app. Our smart home system is characterized by simple installation, high security standards, a very wide range of products and the flexibility to expand. This is how the Homematic IP smart home system meets your individual needs.

How do I get started with the Homematic IP Smart Home system?

Getting started with the Homematic IP system is extremely simple and easily accessible. Start smart: with the Homematic IP Access Point, the heart of the system. This is where communication between your smart devices and the Homematic IP app takes place. After installing the free app on your smartphone, you will be guided through the simple set-up process. After just a few steps, you can add your first smart devices and make your home smarter.

Can I expand my Homematic IP Smart Home system at a later date?

Yes, the Homematic IP system has been specially developed so that you can use it to fulfill your wishes in the long term. The portfolio includes over 150 different products that you can seamlessly integrate into the system: from additional radiator thermostats and motion detectors to smoke detectors and very special sensors for creating highly individual smart home scenarios. This flexibility makes Homematic IP a future-proof investment - for new builds and existing properties.

Can I install the Homematic IP Smart Home system in my rented apartment?

Yes, the Homematic IP system also works very well in rented apartments. Many of the devices can be installed without interfering with the fabric of the building and can be easily removed again when moving house - and taken with you. The wireless components in particular, such as thermostats, sensors and switches, can be installed very flexibly, without drilling holes or laying complex cables.

How can I save energy costs with Homematic IP?

Intelligent heating control with Homematic IP products can significantly reduce your energy costs - by up to 33%*. The system allows you to create and adjust individual heating profiles for each room. This means that heating is only used when it is really necessary and energy wastage is avoided. For example, the heating can be turned down automatically when windows are open or no one is at home.

*In combination with window and door contacts and depending on user behavior, structural conditions of the building and the existing heating system.

How secure is the Homematic IP smart home system?

The security of your data is extremely important to us. The Homematic IP system has been certified by the VDE for protocol, IT and data security. Communication between the devices and the app is encrypted and authenticated for maximum security against unauthorized access or manipulation. Furthermore, you do not have to enter any personal data when installing the system. The Homematic IP Cloud servers are located in Germany. Compare this with other smart home applications.

How do I control the Homematic IP system?

You can control your Homematic IP system in various ways and adapt it to your personal needs:

  • Homematic IP app: Use the Homematic IP app to manage your system effectively. The app not only allows you to control and monitor your devices, but also to set up the system, create time profiles for automatic processes and create automations for complex scenarios.
  • Without a smartphone: Control the Homematic IP system via wall switches and remote controls or directly on the devices such as thermostats for intuitive and simple operation in your home.
  • Voice control: Integrate Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to conveniently adjust lighting, room temperature and other functions by voice.
Is it possible to control Homematic IP products via voice assistants?

Yes, Homematic IP is compatible with the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows you to control your smart devices simply by voice command, further increasing the convenience and accessibility of the system.

What happens if the Internet connection fails?

Even if the internet connection fails, the Homematic IP system retains its basic functionality because the devices are directly linked to each other - by cable or wirelessly. Important functions such as alarming in the security area or controlling the room temperature remain active even without an internet connection.

Is personal data collected when using the Homematic IP app?

Homematic IP allows you to use the app anonymously as far as possible by not collecting any personal data. The only exception is the IP address, which is recorded for technical reasons when you use the Internet. This collection is necessary by default for network communication, but Homematic IP does not use the IP address to create user profiles or for similar purposes. Our app and the entire system work without information such as name, address or email. Your privacy is therefore protected.