Homematic IP Wired

A smart home system is particularly robust, interference-proof and reliable when the devices communicate with each other via wired connections. And data transmission is very fast with cables, too. That all comes together with Homematic IP Wired.

Set up, wired and all set for the future.

A wired smart home system provides you with a particularly elegant solution. The technology disappears behind the walls, and the switches, buttons and other control elements integrate harmoniously into the interior design of your home.

Our customers appreciate how easy it is to operate their smart devices with Homematic IP Wired, too. What’s more, you’re not limiting yourself in any way, because wired products from Homematic IP are compatible with our wireless components.* Combining different product lines together opens up new possibilities for building automation. This makes the system the ideal solution for your home.

* Homematic IP radiator thermostats can only be controlled via wireless wall thermostats (such as HmIP-WTH-2).

Freedom of choice at installation

With or without cloud connection – Homematic IP Wired can be installed entirely according to your personal preferences:

wired ccu3

The system is installed via a purely local smart home control centre, the CCU3, combined with the Homematic IP Wired Access Point. The whole thing is easily configured via a web browser. For operation, simply use a solution from one of our partners (e.g. Mediola AIO Creator Neo).


During installation, the system is connected to the cloud via the Homematic IP Wired Access Point. You can then configure and operate everything with the Homematic IP app – whether you are at home or out and about.

Combine wired and wireless systems any way you like: advanced routing

Advanced routing expands your options many times over. With it, you can combine your wired system with the Homematic IP wireless system and operate it via the app or the web browser. Many customers initially have a wired smart home system installed in their own home. Later, they want to be able to expand it simply and easily – and can do so with the wireless products from Homematic IP. That’s how advanced routing works, today and tomorrow.

Robust, reliable, secure and protected

Homematic IP Wired is exceptionally robust against sources of interference and ensures secure IT, protocol and data transmission at all times. The topology of the bus used to connect the individual components can be structured in almost any way. This means that even your most demanding smart home plans can be realised by an authorised specialist installer. Homematic IP Wired is security certified by VDE – and we also meet the highest standards when it comes to data protection: your personal data is never requested. Just like Homematic IP, the wired system does not require you to enter your name, place of residence or email address, so completely respects your privacy.

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Advantages for homeowners

The initial installation in a new building or during a house renovation should ideally by carried out by an authorised specialist company. You can retrofit your smart home system yourself at any time with Homematic IP wireless components. It is also possible to extend the wired system at a later date.

All the devices from our company, wired or wireless, are compatible with each other and can be combined in a system. All this makes Homematic IP Wired the ideal solution for a smart home.

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Discover the many possibilities of our Smart Home solutions. Below are some particularly successful examples of houses and apartments that will make you want to set up your own smart home.

Vorteile für Fachpartner

Planen, installieren und konfigurieren Sie das Smart Home-System so einfach, wie Sie das nie zuvor erlebt haben. Als Fachbetrieb können Sie das alles nach einem Training und kurzer Einarbeitung selbst übernehmen.

Das breite Produktspektrum von Homematic IP bietet Ihnen zudem viele Möglichkeiten für Erweiterungen beim Kunden: bei der Erstinstallation und zum späteren Ausbau.

And, with the CCU3 central unit, you can prepare the basic configuration beforehand then simply hand it over to the customer.


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