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Simply live your life. Wake up rested in the morning, feel protected and secure, and enjoy more comfort in your home – in summer and winter alike. Go away carefree and come back looking forward to life within your own four walls – and sometimes simply do nothing at all. All very simple, when you turn your home into a smart home with Homematic IP. Included in the plans from the start, or retrofitted. Installed by you or by a specialist company. Discover a new world, a system that grows with you. And build in tomorrow today.
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Homematic IP: Smart living. Simply exciting.

Homematic IP means modern, flexible and secure technology from the European market leader*. Let the advantages of our system win you over, and start living smarter straight away. 

With some smart home providers, you have to make a choice: Do you have everything wired, or do you go fully wireless? Some systems are also hermetically sealed and do not accept devices from other manufacturers. Here at Homematic IP, we have a different approach. We are guided by you!

The Homematic IP app

Configure all the settings for your smart home in the Homematic IP app, and use it to control, regulate and monitor your devices whenever you want – without providing any personal data!
A smart home system is particularly robust, interference-proof and reliable when the devices communicate with each other via wired connections. And data transmission is very fast with cables, too. That all comes together with Homematic IP Wired.

Experience Homematic IP in action

Get an idea of Homematic IP and an impression of what a smart home could look like for you. Explore our 3D house and take a tour of the individual rooms.

Start your tour now.

eQ-3 AG

More than 3,000,000 households use home control technology from the eQ-3 brands Homematic IP, Homematic, MAX!, FS20 and OEM brands. eQ-3 is one of the innovation and technology leaders in the smart home market and is a pioneer in the home control sector.

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Icon Market leader years

Market leader for 9 years in a row

Homematic IP is European market leader for the 9th year in a row (according to analysis by the renowned Swedish market research institute Berg Insight*)

40+ Jahre Erfahrung

40+ years’ experience

More than 40 years’ experience in the field of home control

2800 Installateure

More than 2,800 installation partners 

More than 2,800 authorised installers and tradespeople already successfully carry out smart home projects with us throughout Germany

50 Millionen Funklösungen

50 million smart devices

More than 50,000,000 devices were delivered to the trade. 200 smart home products form the largest portfolio in this area.

Icon Haus

over 3 million households

More than 3,000,000 households use smart home technology from eQ-3.

8x Testsieger Stiftung Warentest

8x winner Stiftung Warentest

Eight Stiftung Warentest wins in total for eQ-3

Large partner network

Whether you want to use Homematic IP solutions yourself in your smart home, or install and maintain our products in your customers’ homes, we are here for you. In our network of master craftsmen and specialist dealers, we rely on genuine partnerships. Each side benefits from the other’s strengths – to the advantage of our customers.

Become a specialist dealer for the smart home market leader* 

Would you like to sell sophisticated and future-proof smart home solutions? Then become our partner as a specialist dealer and benefit from exclusive services.

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Close collaboration with installers

Your expertise as an installer is in demand: We rely on you as our local partner, especially for new builds and renovations. We give you special offers on our products, and train and support you in dealing with our customers.

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eQ-3 as OEM for your own smart home solution 

Expand your product range with a smart home solution. Together we’ll develop eQ-3 products with your logo and housing, and even with your very own functions.

Develop your own products