How quickly does the room temperature of my bathroom drop after turning down the heating? When does the sun shine particularly brightly on the west side of our house? How much rainfall has there been in the last few weeks? If you know mo-re about your home, you can use smart technology to control it in a more targeted way to increase living comfort or save energy. That's why the free Homematic IP app now gives users the opportunity to view the data of their smart helpers and display it in a illustrative manner.

From all the data that their Homematic IP sensors or actuators record, users select up to 20 attributes that will be recorded and stored on the Homematic IP servers for a maximum of one year. They can now download these values to the Homematic IP app, where they can view them in descriptive diagrams. For a more in-depth analysis, the measured values can also be easily exported as a CSV file.

This new feature is particularly useful when using Homematic IP weather sensors. All measured weather data, for example temperature, humidity, sunshine duration and rainfall, can now be collected, viewed retrospectively and evaluated.

When it comes to heating, the analysis of measurement data can literally pay off. Although the smart Homematic IP radiator thermostats and the underfloor heating controller FALMOT-C12 already save a lot of energy without further optimisation thanks to intelligent algorithms, sometimes, however, an analysis of the room temperature development can sometimes reveal additio-nal savings potential. In such cases, a simple adjustment of the heating profiles helps to further reduce energy consumption in order to save money and protect the environment.

The update for the Homematic IP app with the version numbers 2.16.11 (Android) and 2.16.0 (iOS) will be rolled out step by step via the respective app stores from July 04, 2023 and will be available to all users within a few days.