Save energy with Homematic IP

Electricity, gas and hot water: energy is becoming increasingly expensive. Smart home solutions from Homematic IP can help you to limit and even reduce your energy costs.


Reducing costs without reducing comfort: that’s smart.

With Homematic IP, you can save up to 30 % of your energy costs, whether that’s by switching off unneeded electrical loads, intelligently using natural sunlight to provide room lighting or recording consumption to identify energy guzzlers. In a smart home, you can do all this without sacrificing comfort.

Smart individual room regulation as a bridging technology for climate protection

Climate protection concerns us all. The conditions our children and grandchildren will be living in will depend on whether we keep to the limit on global warming agreed by the UN. This requires a significant reduction in CO2 emissions – in Germany as elsewhere. In Germany, the building stock is responsible for a significant share of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the long term, therefore, the only solution is to create an energy-efficient building stock. However, since the energy-efficient refurbishment of the building stock is a task for an entire generation, an alternative solution must be found that contributes directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Smart individual room regulation, as offered by Homematic IP, can reduce Germany’s CO2 footprint in the short term and cost effectively, thus making a significant contribution to climate protection.

Only switch on loads when a room is occupied

You, too, probably have numerous electrical devices that are not in use but running in standby mode and consuming unnecessary electricity. You can put an end to this by switching off all appliances. To do this, simply install our Homematic IP Presence Sensor in the ceiling: it detects when people are in the room and switches off all electrical devices linked to it when no one is there.

Avoid unnecessary standby costs with these Homematic IP products:

Only switch on lights when there is movement

You can easily save the energy consumption of lights that are on unnecessarily with the Homematic IP Motion Detector for indoors or outdoors, and with our actuators that make your lighting smart. The smart motion detector both detects whether someone is moving in its zone and measures the ambient brightness. This way, lights are only switched on when they are needed.

Use these Homematic IP products for energy-saving light control:

Control electric heaters to save energy

Do you use an electric heater? You can save energy here, too, with our smart solutions. Use the Homematic IP app to create a heating schedule that you can freely adapt to your needs. You can find instructions on our YouTube channel.

Use these Homematic IP products for smart control of your electric heating:

Identify energy guzzlers

Identify the electrical devices that are causing excessive power consumption. To do this, you can obtain Homematic IP switch actuators with an integrated measuring function. The actuators display the consumption of the connected device in the app. We can also help you calculate your electricity costs. Enter the price of your electricity tariff in the menu of the Homematic IP app under ‘Settings’ and ‘Consumption measurement’. Now open a room in the app and select ‘Consumption measurement’ in the menu there. You’ll be able to see how high the total consumption is and what costs you have incurred so far.

Full transparency over power consumption with these Homematic IP products:

Heat your offices efficiently

Reduce energy costs without substantial renovation measures or large investments: you can achieve this as a business owner with the heating solutions from Homematic IP. Simply replace conventional radiator thermostats with radio-controlled Homematic IP Thermostats. You can then control the heating individually for each room. With the Homematic IP app, you can create time schedules based on when people are present or absent. The thermostats then regulate the temperature automatically.

Your heating will work particularly energy efficiently with these Homematic IP products: