Keep control away from home with Homematic IP

Who keeps an eye on the heating, lighting, security and safety when no one is at home? The smart home solutions from Homematic IP, that’s who! So the essentials are all taken care of while you’re out at work or on holiday.

Look forward to coming home.

Whether you’re coming home after day at work, an evening with friends or a holiday trip, it’s good to know that, while you were away, the heating, lighting, shutters, doors and windows have done what you wanted. Look forward to your secure and cosily lit and heated own four walls.

Deter burglars

Homematic IP Alarmsirene außen an Hauswand

Monitor the building

Prevent water damage

Control lighting


Use the app

Alert and active when you’re not there.

With just a few Homematic IP products, you can control the most important functions in your smart home while you are away. Such as the lighting, which can simulate your presence. Or the heating, which is turned up again in time for your return. Or smoke detectors and water sensors that sound the alarm in an emergency. Your Homematic IP system grows with your needs.

Homematic IP Access Point

Access Point

Set up your smart home system easily and reliably. Simply step by step.

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Homematic IP shutter actuator for brand switches

Shutter actuator for brand switches

Make your shutters smart and enjoy automated control, based on the time of day, the weather or your personal preferences.

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Homematic IP app


Configure, control and monitor your smart home securely via an app.

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More solutions for your alert and active smart home

Whatever you want to control while you’re away, Homematic IP can do it for you: heating, lighting, shutter control, alarms, access – and more besides. Here are three particularly popular products for home control.

Monitor and control home technology via the app. 

Holiday mode, alarm mode, storm protection, door and window control, heating control, lighting control: you can keep your entire smart home in view via the Homematic IP app – no matter where you are.


In the event of an alarm, for burglary, fire or water damage, you will be alerted immediately by a push message and display in the app.


Control light and shade – and combine the relevant devices in groups in the app.


Set your own heating schedules. And easily configure scenarios in combination with suitable smart home solutions such as the Window / Door Contact, so that the heating can be turned down to save energy when cold air flows in.


Configure your shutters to raise and lower at specific times of the day or night. Or control them whenever you want with the touch of a finger.


Communication between the Homematic IP app, your smart home devices and the Homematic IP Cloud is securely encrypted according to the highly secure AES 128 standard. Our servers are located in Germany; no personal data is ever requested.

Always here for you and your queries.

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