Detect fires with Homematic IP

Whether you’re home or away, you’ll always be safely alerted with the Homematic IP smoke detectors. The connected smoke detectors with quality labels sound the alarm immediately when smoke is detected and communicate with each other throughout the house.

Smoke in the air – danger detected

Many people are afraid of fire. But they usually do not consider another, even more hazardous danger: toxic smoke. Smoke rises even before a fire can spread through a house. It can silently surprise the occupants while they sleep – with dire consequences. With Homematic IP smoke detectors, you can detect this danger before smoke turns into a major fire.

Alarm all through house – and on your smartphone

Be alerted to dangerous smoke emissions at an early stage with a loud alarm – and a push message to your smartphone. In the event of an emergency, the alarm signals are forwarded to all installed Homematic IP smoke detectors in the home, informing all the occupants, regardless of which room they are in. The smoke detectors in an installation are automatically linked to each other after pairing. You can connect up to 40 smoke detectors in this way.

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Intelligent fire protection: How networked smoke alarms save lives

With Homematic IP smoke alarms, you can ensure maximum security in your home. Networking several detectors enables comprehensive monitoring of all rooms. If smoke develops, they not only alert you locally, but also inform you immediately via smartphone - no matter where you are. This means you can react quickly, even if you are travelling. The intuitive Homematic IP app makes it very easy to set up. In addition, networking allows all connected smoke alarms to warn you simultaneously in the event of an alarm from one detector, so you are immediately alerted to potential dangers in any area of your home. Another advantage: regular self-tests and status messages via the app give you constant reassurance about the functionality of your smoke alarms.

What our customers say

No one can tell better than our customers how well Homematic IP smart home solutions perform in everyday use. We are always happy to receive their feedback on our products. Whether praise or criticism, every bit of feedback helps us to become better. And to better understand our customers and their wishes.

"My smart home feeling is when my house does the things I do manually every day, over and over again, automatically for me." Here, he relies on the smart functions that he can configure very easily and individually with the Homematic IP app. The broad product portfolio of Homematic IP makes it particularly easy for Alexander to combine different solutions - flexibly by radio or also wired and thus particularly fail-safe. "That's smart!"

– Alexander from Schwarmstedt –

"Heinz Joachim aus Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde ist begeisterter Homematic IP Anwender. Ihn fasziniert die Einfachheit von Homematic IP. "Das System ist einfach einzurichten und zu bedienen." Unter diesen Bedingungen kann Smart Home aus seiner Sicht auch das Leben älterer Menschen bereichern. "Das ist Technik, die auch ältere Menschen begeistert!"

– Heinz Joachim aus Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde –

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