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Want to start with the right technology? Just go for it!

You’re in the right place if you don’t just want to start your smart home using plug & play solutions but simply want to make the most of your options: as a technology fan, you need just a few key products from Homematic IP to get your pulse racing. Once you have these, use our wired solutions, for instance, to make everything you imagine for your smart home come true.

Smart home CCU3 central control unit

Smart home CCU3 central unit

The CCU3 central control unit offers you unlimited possibilities and outstanding reliability. You can set up your own individual smart home with the device’s WebUI user interface. 

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Wired Access Point

Wired Access Point

The central interface in the Homematic IP Wired system – the Homematic IP Wired Access Point connects the CCU3 central unit with the Homematic IP Wired devices.

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Configure, control and monitor your smart home securely via an app.

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More solutions for your technologically advanced smart home

Monitoring doors and windows, integrating weather sensors into the heating control, and adjusting lighting according to the sun’s position: These are just a few of the smart ideas you can implement with Homematic IP – let yourself be guided by your passion for technology and our separately usable solutions. Here are three such solutions.

Software and technology hand in hand – via a simple app.

Set up complex scenarios, configure devices and connect everything together: the Homematic IP app offers you these and many other possibilities. Discover all the functions! 


Configure your shutters to raise and lower at specific times of the day or night. Or control them whenever you want with the touch of a finger.


Set your own heating schedules. And easily configure scenarios in combination with suitable smart home solutions such as the Window / Door Contact, so that the heating can be turned down to save energy when cold air flows in.


Communication between the Homematic IP app, your smart home devices and the Homematic IP Cloud is securely encrypted according to the highly secure AES 128 standard. Our servers are located in Germany; no personal data is ever requested.


Control light and shade – and combine the relevant devices in groups in the app.


In the event of an alarm, for burglary, fire or water damage, you will be alerted immediately by a push message and display in the app.

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