eQ-3 Inrush Current Limiter

Electrical consumers need significantly more power when being switched on than in normal operation. This high current supply can lead to high temperatures in switches, push-buttons and relays and thus to damage. With the inrush current limiter, you protect your switch actuators and switches from wear and tear by simply limiting the inrush current. 

Other highlights

  • An integrated NTC resistor protects relay contacts of switch actuators and switches from premature wear due to high inrush currents.
  • The service life of a conventional incandescent lamp can be extended many times over and at the same time the switching relay of an actuator can be protected
  • The compact design allows installation in a flush-mounted box

Order information

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Technical data

Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz
Switching current
90 A/1 ms
Switching capacity
max. 200 VA