The latest status report on IT security from Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) shows how important security is, especially in the Internet of Things. The report referred to more than 900 million malware programs and again issued strong warnings about cyber-attacks. The increasing number of attacks and their growing sophistication are making security measures indispensable. Homematic IP therefore authenticates and encrypts every data transmission. This applies not only to application data in normal operation, but also to wireless data and data on the Homematic IP Wired bus. These are protected during login and configuration as well as during all operations. Homematic IP uses a patented method for pairing devices that avoids the weaknesses of WLAN, leaving virtually no loopholes for hackers.

VDE certification, which has established itself worldwide as an independent and reliable testing body in electrical engineering, electronics and information technology, has again confirmed these exceptionally high-level security measures. “We are delighted to have again received the coveted VDE certification for Homematic IP and are particularly proud that our system remains the only one on the market to be certified not only for its IT and data security, but also for the security of its wireless protocols”, explains Bernd Grohmann, Managing Director eQ-3.

To meet maximum levels of data privacy, Homematic IP collects no personal data except for IP addresses. Users are not required to reveal their names, postal or email addresses.


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