Analysis focused on the system's protection against unauthorised access. The institute confirmed that no indications of noticeable and/or critical weaknesses and vulnerabilities exist. Both Android and iOS apps were able to impress. No relevant deficiencies were found in how the apps and the Homematic IP access point communicate with each other.

Homematic IP uses established methods such as CCM and AES-128 for authenticating and encrypting all data in cloud communications, similar to wireless communications, and also uses a certified and patented procedure for sharing keys.

In addition to its high security, Homematic IP also impresses with its exemplary data privacy. Rigorous avoidance of collecting and storing personal data is seen as providing good competitive advantage. “It is a conscious decision to protect consumers”, says Bernd Grohmann. “We want to give our customers an all-round feeling of security. For us, this means not just avoiding the collection of users' personal data but also having security for IT, protocols and data that is unparalleled and unique on the market”. Only recently, the VDE also certified, for the fourth time in a row, the high-level security of Homematic IP's protocols, IT and data for both the Homematic IP Wired wireless and bus solutions.