The Tilt and Vibration Sensor from Homematic IP looks unassuming, but there is some very clever technology hiding in the little housing: The highly sensitive sensor can detect even the smallest vibrations at the installation location, report them to the Homematic IP Smart Home System and trigger preset actions. The sensitivity of the sensor can be individually for the intended use concerned. Fitted to windows or doors, it recognises, for example, attempted break-ins and alerts the inhabitants via connected signal transmitters and a push notification on their smart phones. But hidden under a step, it could be used to switch on the light on the staircase when the step is trodden on. 


Alternatively, the little helper can be operated as a position sensor and detects changes in position in an angle between 10° and 45°. In this way, it monitors movable objects and responds if the garage door is open, for example, or the postman has lifted the letterbox flap. Thanks to its compact design and simple installation with adhesive strips or screws, there’s a place for the multi-talent in practically every conceivable installation site.