As a widely used standard, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) enjoys great popularity in the field of lighting control and ensures, among other things, a perfect dimming experience without flickering. Now DALI-controlled lights can be easily integrated into the Homematic IP Smart Home. The Homematic IP DALI Gateway enables convenient switching and dimming of up to 32 DALI lights. The DALI luminaires are simply assigned to the gateway's channels and organized into up to 16 lighting groups.

The Homematic IP DALI gateway is simply installed on the DIN rail and can be easily integrated into existing systems, even at a later date. Via the large, illuminated LC display of the gateway, installers can control and test DALI lights without teaching directly after connecting them to the bus. The gateway supports numerous DALI luminaires:


  • Fluorescent lamps (DT0)
  • Discharge lamps (DT2)
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps (DT3)
  • Dimmer for incandescent lamps (DT4)
  • Conversion to DC (0-10V, DT5)
  • LED modules (DT6)
  • Switching function (DT7)
  • Color and color temperature control (DT8)


Control lighting entirely according to personal preferences

Integration into the Homematic IP system opens up a wide range of options for users to configure their lighting according to their personal preferences and needs. In the free Homematic IP app, for example, they create time profiles in just a few steps to turn the lights on or off at specific times. Demand-driven automation is even more convenient when connected to Homematic IP presence or motion sensors - so the light only comes on when it is really needed. By setting individual switching groups, the desired lighting can be conveniently activated with a single button press or voice command.
The Homematic IP DALI gateway supports the 'dynamic daylight' and 'Dim2Warm' functions already known from the Homematic IP LED Controller - RGBW. 'Dynamic daylight' automatically adjusts the lighting to natural daylight and thus to the human biorhythm. By providing cold activating light during the day and soothing warm light in the evening, the function helps to master everyday life more efficiently and relaxed. The 'Dim2Warm' setting ensures coziness by mimicking the dimming behavior of classic light bulbs: the darker the lighting is set, the warmer the hue of the light.

DALI Gateway, LED Controller - RGBW as well as smart switching and dimming actuators: the Homematic IP smart home system is the ideal way to automate lighting control entirely according to personal preferences.