Make two out of one: The new optional toggle function makes it possible to dissolve fixed button pairs on Homematic IP push buttons and remote controls and to assign functions to the buttons separately. This doubles the number of possible functions on one device. Until now, an action, such as switching a switchable socket on and off, always occupied a button pair. With toggle, one button can now perform this task alone: One button press switches on, the following one switches off. The second button is then available for other functions.

Parallel to the introduction of this new feature, there is a discreet but useful improvement to the user interface: from now on, keys are consistently counted from left to right and top to bottom to simplify assignment. The change has no effect on an existing button assignment. Owners of Homematic IP motion detectors also have new options with the introduction of a second brightness threshold. The first threshold defines the activation of the motion detector, a second brightness threshold enables another action to be triggered when the light is already switched on.


Corrosion protection and optimised Advanced Routing

The corrosion protection of the Homematic IP Wired input module improves device safety and the service life of mains voltage switches and push-buttons. A short current pulse sent to connected devices counteracts corrosion and protects against possible damage. This practical option, which CCU3 users already know, can also be activated in the Homematic IP app after installing the latest update. 

Other features of the update include improved operation of blinds when setting slats and height, as well as optimisation of the advanced routing technology: If several access points are used in an installation, the Homematic IP devices now select the path with the best connection quality even more effectively when sending commands or status information.

The update for the Homematic IP app has the version numbers 2.10.0 (iOS) and 2.10.16 (Android). It will be rolled out step by step from today via the respective app stores and will be available to all users within a few days.

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