More flexibility for owners of a Homematic IP door lock drive: With the new app update, they can add universal transmitters and input modules to an access authorisation. This means that the door lock drive can now be easily controlled with a Homematic IP wall push button, for example - one press of the button and the door lock opens or closes. 

Switch actuators now also master a new, helpful trick. Via the "Behaviour during power supply" option, users select the switching state of the actuator as soon as it is supplied with power. For example, connected devices are automatically switched on again after a power failure. 

These changes are complemented by further practical improvements: After a restart, for example after a firmware update, devices now automatically restore the last selected profile and run it entirely as planned. In this way, smart life can continue seamlessly. In addition, pairing with Amazon's Alexa voice control is now much easier. 

The update for the Homematic IP app has the version numbers 2.11.0 (iOS) and 2.11.17 (Android). It will be rolled out gradually from today via the respective app stores and will be available to all users within a few days.

Following the release of the app update, Homematic IP switch-metering socket outlets will receive a firmware update to version 2.22.8. The new operating software makes it possible to change the measuring direction of the socket outlet in order to determine the amount of energy fed into the grid. This firmware is also provided in a staggered manner.