The Homematic IP LED Controller - RGBW is ideal for easy automation of LED lighting, whether to set colored highlights or to illuminate an entire room pleasantly, flexibly and energy-efficiently. The wide range of connection options makes the device suitable for almost any application. The following types of LED strips can be operated on the device:


  • up to 4 single color LED strips,or
  • up to 2 Tunable White LED Strips,or
  • one RGB LED Strip,or
  • one RGBW LED Strip


Like all Homematic IP devices, the LED controller can be conveniently set up and operated using the free Homematic IP app. It supports all the familiar features of Homematic IP lighting control, for example group functions and useful time profiles, to save energy or to wake up in the morning in a pleasant way by the slowly increasing light. In addition, different special functions are available to the user depending on the connected LED strip.


Healthy light, healthy life

If you want to work effectively and live healthily, you need a restful night's sleep. But our artificial lighting often makes it difficult for us to rest. The 'dynamic daylight' function of the Homematic IP LED Controller - RGBW remedies this by automatically adapting the lighting to natural daylight and thus to our human biorhythm. In the morning, the hue of the light slowly changes from warm reddish light colors to bright light with more cold white components. In this way, the ability to concentrate and our energy level are increased and maintained at a high level throughout the day. Towards the evening, the proportion of red light increases again to signal to the body that it can now relax and regenerate its energy. In this way, 'dynamic daylight' helps us to cope with everyday life more efficiently and in a more relaxed manner.

For more coziness at home provides the setting 'Dim2Warm', through which the LED Strip imitates the dimming behavior of a classic light bulb. The darker the lighting is set, the warmer the hue of the light becomes - perfect for creating the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a cozy evening watching TV on the couch. The 'dynamic daylight' and 'Dim2Warm' functions require a Tunable White LED strip to be connected.


Bringing color into play

In combination with an RGB or RGBW LED strip, on the other hand, the Homematic IP LED controller provides real aha moments. Vibrant colors set the scene for living areas in a targeted manner, create coziness or provide pizzazz in the gaming room or at the next house party. Preset color profiles such as 'Campfire' or 'Waterfall' provide a constantly changing play of colors. If desired, users can also create their own color profiles, adjusting colors, light intensity, light duration, and transitions down to the smallest detail to suit their own preferences.

Egal in which configuration it is used: Through the new Homematic IP LED Controller - RGBW lighting is sure to become the highlight of any home.