Comfort, safety, energy saving - there are many reasons to automate lighting control and integrate it into the Smart Home. Until now, however, this often required new switches or remote controls. With the Homematic IP Switch Module for brand switches, existing switch series can easily become part of the connected home. 


The compact design of the device enables uncomplicated installation in a standard flush-mounted box. The switch module can be used not only for switching off but also for intermediate and changeover switching and recognises the switching status of all switching points by means of the integrated measuring function. The exterior of the switch is not changed by the installation of the switch module: With the corresponding adapter, existing frames and rockers, e.g. from Legrand, Schneider Electric or Feller, are simply placed on top and continue to be used. The original design and functionality of the switch remain fully intact. 


The difference: The light is now part of the Homematic IP Smart Home, with all the associated conveniences. Automatic lighting control via time profiles or presence and motion detectors is convenient, saves energy and can even frighten off burglars. Anyone using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can conveniently switch lights and lamps using voice commands. And with the Homematic IP app on the smartphone, control is possible from the sofa or even on the move.


The Homematic IP Switch Module for brand switches is available from 8 November 2022.