B-Release Update News

After updating the Homematic IP app to version 2.12.0 (iOS) or 2.12.10 (Android), users have the option of placing the new garage door widget on the home screen of their smartphone. From now on, a tap of the finger is enough to open and close the door or to move it into the ventilation position - perfect for quick operation from the car.


It only gets more convenient with voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. A simple "Alexa, open the garage door!" is all it takes to raise the door. The prerequisite for using voice commands is the use of a Homematic IP module for garage door openers.


In addition to these new features, smaller optimisations and comfort improvements have been made as usual. For example, it is now possible to easily move an existing Homematic IP installation from a WLAN access point to an access point.


The latest update for the Homematic IP app is now being rolled out step by step via the respective app stores and will be available to all users within a few days.

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