The use of user rights management is suitable for every Homematic IP installation in which several smartphones are registered. The basis of the new function is the division of users into three roles:



The administrator has unrestricted access to all areas and settings of the Homematic IP app. Sensitive areas are protected by an individual administrator PIN, which replaces the previous system PIN. The administrator defines the roles of the other users within the installation. The number of administrators in an installation is not limited.


Normal user:

Normal users do not have access to the PIN-protected areas of the Homematic IP app, for example to the management of access authorisations. With this exception, they can use and control all functions as usual.


Restricted users:

Restricted users are pure users. They can use basic functions that are needed in everyday life, such as light and temperature control. This user role is suitable for children, household help or guests, for example. The user interface of a restricted user does not contain a "Basics" tab and is colour-coded.


User rights management is an optional function that can be activated in the settings of the Homematic IP app. The person activating it automatically becomes the administrator and sets an administrator PIN. In addition, he or she receives a specific recovery key, which must be kept securely. The administrator can now assign further user roles. All other previous users of an installation are initially classified as normal users after activation.


The new feature is available to all users of the Homematic IP app with immediate effect. Detailed information and instructions on how to use the user rights management can be found in the current version of the Homematic IP user manual, which can be downloaded from the following link:

The user overview displays all users of a Homematic IP installation and their respective roles.

If a user's role is changed, he or she receives a notification in the Homematic IP app. Only administrators can adjust user roles.

The app interface of a restricted user is marked in colour. In addition, the "Basics" tab is hidden.