Already since November 2022, Homematic IP has enabled the convenient coupling of Philips Hue lamps and luminaires with one's own smart home system; now the number of possible Hue devices is doubled from five to ten. The manufacturer eQ-3 thus fulfills a great wish of the Homematic IP community. As before, the Philips Hue lamps can be operated exactly like Homematic IP devices after pairing. It is thus possible to add them to groups, control them via automations or connect them to other elements of the smart home, such as push buttons or presence detectors. On the Homematic IP YouTube channel, a video tutorial explains the pairing process.


Swapping multi-channel devices easily

The new update also adds a swap wizard for multi-channel devices to the free Homematic IP app. The helpful function enables simple transfer of settings and button assignments from a multi-channel device to a functionally identical replacement device that has at least the same number of channels. So, for example, if a user replaces a door lock actuator or a wall switch - 6-way, the previous configuration is transferred to the new device so that it can take over the task of the device being replaced without any further adjustments.


Similarly practical is the newly introduced search function in the device overview of the Homematic IP app, about which especially users of an extensive Homematic IP installation will be pleased. Using the search mask, devices can now be found quickly and specifically based on their name.


The update for the Homematic IP app with version numbers 2.15.18 (Android) and 2.15.0 (iOS) is being rolled out step by step via the respective app stores with immediate effect and will be available to all users within a few days. An overview video of the update is available on the Homematic IP YouTube channel.