Dynamic Adaptive Balancing

With mechanical thermostatic valves, valve presetting is necessary for hydraulic balancing. Since presettable valves are not normally installed in existing buildings, the valves on all radiators usually have to be replaced along with the heating system. For the customer this means significant costs in addition to the cost of the actual hydraulic balancing. 


The work required to replace the valves affects all rooms in the house. In practical terms, all forms of pipe connections and valve types from the last 50 or more years can be found in existing buildings. Accordingly, damage to walls and floors can easily occur during valve replacement.


Homematic IP automates hydraulic balancing 

An alternative is now available for homeowners and tradesmen in the shape of the Homematic IP radiator thermostats. Studies by Fraunhofer IEE have confirmed that with the Homematic IP radiator thermostats eTRV-2, eTRV-C, eTRV-C-2 and eTRV-Evo, dynamic and adaptive balancing are performed on the individual radiators. The integrated control algorithms mean that balancing on the radiator is automated without the need for configuration. This means that the manual hydraulic balancing of each individual radiator by means of a valve presetting is no longer necessary. With the Homematic IP radiator thermostats, it is therefore no longer necessary to replace all valves.


Instead of paying for valve replacement when it comes to static hydraulic balancing on radiators, customers can use Homematic IP to get smart individual room control with dynamic, adaptive radiator balancing at comparable or even more favourable conditions. Compared to conventional, static control, automatic balancing through Homematic IP also has the distinct advantage that the flow rate of each radiator is dynamically adjusted to the real heat demand of the respective room. This means that the heating is really always set efficiently - on any day and in any weather.


This underlines eQ-3's innovative position, which has already been impressively confirmed by wins in all tests of electronic radiator thermostats conducted by Stiftung Warentest in 2008, 2017 and 2019. The modern solution with Homematic IP offers optimal comfort, lowers energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions for the benefit of us all.