You just have to be distracted for a moment and – bang! – you’re locked out of your own home. In a conventional house, the only option is to call an expensive locksmith. If you have a smart home, however, you’ll never find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door again: the Homematic IP Keypad is the ideal complement to the Homematic IP door lock actuator. Permanently mounted on the outside wall, the Keypad sends the command to open the door to the door lock actuator inside after a four- to eight-digit code has been correctly entered. A direct wireless link between the devices guarantees trouble-free communication even without an internet connection. This means your front door really is always open to you, even if you don’t have your key or smartphone with you. 


Individual access authorisations

Using the free Homematic IP app, you can set, adjust and, if necessary, block personal codes for all users in just a few steps. Time-limited access authorisations are particularly practical. This means that a guest, babysitter or home help can enter and leave independently, but only on predefined days and at specific times. The access log reliably records every attempt to open the door. 
But the Homematic IP Keypad is a truly smart device that can do much more than “just” open the front door. You can also use different codes to control the garage door, activate the lighting or switch on the alarm functions of your Homematic IP Smart Home. If someone tries to break in while presence or absence protection is activated, both door and window contacts and presence and motion detectors report the attempted break-in via push message to your smartphone, and all connected alarm sirens are activated. 


Secure and reliable

Just like all the other security-related Homematic IP products, the Keypad has a tamper contact, which prevents attempts to tamper with the device. And Homematic IP fends off digital attacks equally reliably: it is the only smart home system whose protocol, IT and data security have been certified for the fifth time by the renowned VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies. AV-Test also certifies Homematic IP as having a “high level of security” and praises its sparing use of data as “exemplary”. The entire use of the system is anonymous; only the IP address is recorded in encrypted form, for technical reasons. It is impossible for any conclusions to be drawn about user identity or behaviour.
You can buy the new Homematic IP Keypad online, in brick-and-mortar stores and from qualified specialist dealers. Available to pre-order now.