When customers are choosing a smart home system, they often also want the look of the products to match the living space. Homematic IP has been awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award for its new Evo radiator thermostat, with its functionality and quality impressing, as well as its ergonomics and look.

Millions of customers have already experienced first-hand that Homematic IP develops functional and high-quality top-quality products. Nevertheless, buyers increasingly want not only high-quality technology, but also perfect looking products. The international expert jury of the renowned Red Dot Design Awards has recognised the new Evo radiator thermostat for its outstanding design and ergonomics:

With its minimalist and ergonomic design and intuitive operating concept, the thermostat is recommended for modern smart homes.

The stylish Homematic IP radiator thermostat provides smart individual room control via a free smartphone app. Alternatively, the thermostat can be operated by lightly turning the thermostat head or by voice control. The thermostat's circular profile tapers to a flat surface to provide optimum grip of the knob, and facilitates reading of the target temperature and operating modes. The thermostat blends harmoniously and unobtrusively into the overall look of the home. Additional system functions, e.g. open-window detection, intelligently enhance healthy indoor conditions and energy-saving living. Smart heating and radiator thermostats have been part of the core competence of Homematic IP since the beginning and are part of every smart home's basic equipment. In addition to increased comfort, up to 30% savings in energy and carbon emissions are also possible.

Bernd Grohmann, Managing Director, eQ-3 AG: “Evo stands for evolution. The new Evo radiator thermostat builds, for example, on the strengths of our three previous Stiftung Warentest test winners, and has taken these forward to the next level. We see the Red Dot Design Award as evidence that we have succeeded in doing this. We are delighted with the award.

In addition to Evo, there are other radiator thermostats in the Homematic IP portfolio, each optimally adapted to different customer needs. Homematic IP is therefore able to offer radiator thermostats in various designs for different installation situations and also at different price levels. Three thermostats have already been test winners in Stiftung Warentest: The eTRV-2 radiator thermostat in 2017, the extra compact eTRV-C in 2019 and the FHT80B as early as 2008.

The new Evo radiator thermostat launched in autumn 2021 to coincide with the start of the heating period. The price is €79.95.