The Homematic IP door lock drive means homeowners and tenants no longer require keys and will never have to call in a locksmith. Simply use your smartphone to lock, unlock or open a door, regardless of whether you are a few metres or thousands of kilometres away. The new Homematic IP key ring remote control is the ideal complement to the door lock drive. It enables the door to be comfortably opened at the touch of a button, also without a smartphone. A rotary wheel permits manual locking and unlocking to give access through the door also in emergency situations. Practical: doors can still be opened and locked using conventional keys.

Authorised access is easy to grant via the Homematic IP app, for example to family members, household help, care services and holiday guests – authorising permanent access or only for certain periods. The inconvenient copying of keys is then no longer necessary. The app also allows you to specify the days and times at which the door is automatically locked. For example, door locking takes place at 9 p.m. every day. This makes unlocked doors at night, an invitation to burglars, a thing of the past.

Installing the electronic door lock drive is extremely simple and requires no drilling or bolting. The door lock drive is not visible from the outside. The device is simply placed on the inside of the door on the existing cylinder and can be removed without trace if required – ideal for homeowners as well as tenants. The door lock drive does not affect the security of the lock cylinder. The same high standards of security apply to the product as to the entire Homematic IP system, whose security for protocols, IT and data has been certified by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). No personal data is recorded.

The door lock drive is connected via Homematic IP access point to the free Homematic IP cloud and to all other Homematic IP devices. In addition to the door lock drive and the key ring remote control, the new Homematic IP Starter Set Access also includes an access point. Even newcomers to Homematic IP can then activate and use the door lock drive within minutes. The Homematic IP door lock drive's companion product is the Eqiva Bluetooth door lock drive, also from eQ-3. Stiftung Warentest named it the best smart door lock of the year.

Details on the smart door lock.