The more areas of our lives we network and digitize, the greater the concern about digital attacks on our data and privacy. Homematic IP therefore continues to make no compromises when it comes to protecting sensitive information. To meet the highest security standards, the smart home system from European market leader* eQ-3 has now been certified by VDE for the sixth time in a row in the areas of protocol, IT and data security.


The renowned institute uses a specially developed test platform to comprehensively examine smart home systems for possible security vulnerabilities. Homematic IP has already successfully passed this test for the sixth time. The system protects all device communications using complex encryption and authentication based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and CCM (Counter with CBC-MAC) - both proven technologies, which banks also use. In concrete terms, this means in the case of communication between the Homematic IP components and the control center: even if a hacker manages to record the data packets sent, he does not know what is in the data packets because of the encryption. So he does not know whether a command to switch on the light or deactivate the alarm system was sent. In the same way, there is no point in resending the recorded data or changing it. A Homematic IP system detects all this and ignores the data.


Another feature of Homematic IP's exceptional security is its anonymous use - only the IP address is recorded in encrypted form for technical reasons. So no data can get into the wrong hands. In addition to the VDE, AV-Test also regularly reviews Homematic IP. In 2022, the smart home system again convinced the IT experts and received the coveted certificate "Tested Smart Home Product" for the fifth time in a row.


*Smart Homes and Home Automation Study (2022) Berg Insight bzgl. "Whole Home" Systems