With smart individual room control, only the rooms that are actually needed are heated according to demand, which can save up to 33 % of energy depending on the age and insulation of the building. At a typical cost of 4 to 7 euros per square metre, the use of electronic radiator thermostats is particularly inexpensive compared to a complete energy renovation, pays for itself correspondingly quickly and is thus suitable as a bridging technology until an energy-optimised building stock is achieved.

The housing and building industry has different requirements than private end users. Accordingly, the majority of the electronic radiator thermostats in use have so far been purchased by the users themselves. At the latest with the massive increases in energy costs and the upcoming consumption-based sharing of the CO2 levy between tenants and landlords, rapid improvements are now also in the interest of owners. The radiator thermostat - compact plus has been specially developed for housing and building management.

Special comfort is achieved thanks to individual temperature sequences with up to 13 programmed changes for each day in up to three adjustable weekly programmes. Lowering the heating temperature when airing additionally saves energy. Opening windows for ventilation is automatically detected by the radiator thermostat - compact plus and communicated to other Homematic IP heating thermostats in the same room. In addition, a range of wireless window contacts is available, with which the opening and - more importantly - also the closing of windows is detected particularly precisely.


Dynamic-adaptive balancing at the radiator

For efficient operation, heating systems must be hydraulically balanced. When the heating system is replaced, hydraulic balancing must be carried out in accordance with VOB-C(1). Today, balancing at the radiator is typically carried out by means of a valve presetting that is complex to determine and for which radiator valves in the building often have to be replaced with presettable valves at high cost.

The radiator thermostat - compact plus, like many other Homematic IP radiator thermostats, offers dynamic-adaptive balancing, which is equivalent to conventional hydraulic balancing and, in contrast to this, takes place automatically at any time during the heating season without configuration. The effectiveness of the dynamic-adaptive balancing has been confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology. This eliminates the need for cost-intensive valve replacement and the smart radiator thermostat more than pays for itself when replacing the heating system.


Easy installation

The radiator thermostat - compact plus is compact in its design and hardly protrudes into the room - in contrast to typical mechanical radiator thermostats. This makes it particularly easy and problem-free to handle in practical use during installation.

The radiator thermostat - compact plus can be mounted directly on the particularly frequently used valves with M30 x 1.5 thread. Valve adapters are supplied for Danfoss valves and further adapters are available for practically all valve types. Installation is quick and easy without interfering with the heating system, without replacing valves and without draining water.

The Homematic IP radiator thermostat - compact plus is expected to be available from stationary and online retailers from January 2023.

(1) VOB-C = Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, C

The dynamic-adaptive balancing of Homematic IP

Studies by Fraunhofer IEE have confirmed that the Homematic IP radiator thermostats eTRV-2, eTRV-C, eTRV-C-2 and eTRV-Evo perform dynamic and adaptive balancing at the individual radiators.

This means that the manual hydraulic balancing of each individual radiator by means of a valve presetting is no longer necessary. Compared to conventional, static control, automatic balancing through Homematic IP also has the distinct advantage that the flow rate of each radiator is dynamically adjusted to the real heat demand of the respective room. This means that the heating is really always set efficiently - on any day and in any weather.