Starter Set Climate Control

It couldn't be easier to get started with smart heating control. The Starter Set Climate Control ensures your comfortable temperature and also saves energy.

Smart heating and clever cost-saving.

You want to have cosy warmth but at the same time keep heating costs in mind? The Room Climate Starter Set saves up to 30 % energy through individual heating profiles of the radiator thermostat and intelligent ventilation with the window contact. This reduces heating costs, lowers CO2 emissions and also ensures a pleasant room climate.


A comfortable temperature at all times

Control the room temperature according to your needs - at home and on the move.


You can do this easily via the app, directly by using the buttons on the device or conveniently with voice control (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).


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Convenient control

You also have the convenience of being able to control many devices and functions of your Homematic IP systems with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Even when you're out and about, you can reliably access your smart home system via the cloud connection.


Fresh air without wasting energy

The room temperature is automatically lowered during ventilation if you connect the window and door contact to Homematic IP radiator thermostats.


You can even define the lowering temperature individually. The comfort temperature is automatically restored as soon as you close the window.

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The easy way to save on heating costs and CO2emissions

You can easily set the individual temperature curves in the Homematic IP app.


Up to three adjustable heating profiles and 13 changes per day allow you to have the heating on only when you want it. The window open detection ensures that the temperature is lowered during ventilation.

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Encrypted communication

Any communication between the access point and other Homematic IP devices is reliably encrypted.

  • VDE-certified protocol IT and data security
  • Server located in Germany
  • No request for personal data, except for the IP address
  • Homematic IP radio protocol


Your advantages at a glance

Do you want to live more safely, save money and protect the environment, or simply increase your living comfort? There are many good reasons for a Smart Home. Find out more now!

Control heating

Save energy

Use the app

Connect devices together

Homematic IP: Smart living. Simply exciting.

Homematic IP means modern, flexible and secure technology from the European market leader*. Let the advantages of our system win you over, and start living smarter straight away. 

With some smart home providers, you have to make a choice: Do you have everything wired, or do you go fully wireless? Some systems are also hermetically sealed and do not accept devices from other manufacturers. Here at Homematic IP, we have a different approach. We are guided by you!

The Homematic IP app

Configure all the settings for your smart home in the Homematic IP app, and use it to control, regulate and monitor your devices whenever you want – without providing any personal data!
A smart home system is particularly robust, interference-proof and reliable when the devices communicate with each other via wired connections. And data transmission is very fast with cables, too. That all comes together with Homematic IP Wired.

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