glückliche Frau im Garten vor Haus

Enjoy the lovely weather while your smart home does the rest: There are also many smart solutions for your terrace, balcony and garden..

Getting the lighting mood right

When you're planning on enjoying the warm summer evenings outdoors for as long as possible, you need some suitable lighting. Unfortunately though, the switch for the outdoor lights is often located indoors. It's often the same with outdoor sockets. They too only work when you flip a switch inside the house.


That means: If you want to switch on a light or socket, you first have to enter the house. But if the lighting and socket are integrated into Homematic IP via actuators, you can control them at any time using your smartphone or a remote control .


For the outside lighting it's also often good to use a combination with a motion detector, particularly along the paths to the building. In the evening for example, the light comes on automatically when there's movement and switches itself off again after a short time so as not to consume electricity unnecessarily. Motion detectors also help to protect against intruders: For example, a light that switches on automatically is often enough to deter criminals trying to tamper with the patio door.

Sitting comfortably outdoors with friends and creating a great lighting mood as dusk falls. That's no problem with the components from the Light range.

Clever sun screening

While smart lighting makes for atmospheric evenings, you want to enjoy the sun during the day. But sometimes it's too much of a good thing. That's when smartly controlled shading elements provide cooling shade. On balconies and terraces for example, electric awnings can be integrated into Homematic IP. This means that you can open them just by touching your smartphone, without having to get up from your deckchair and turn the crank yourself. 

A choice of various roller shutter actuators is available for integration into Homematic IP. For example, the Homematic IP wireless shutter actuator can be installed in a power distribution box or in the awning drive and connected to a Homematic IP wireless wall switch.  

Even if the awning doesn't yet have a drive, there's usually nothing to stop it being integrated into Homematic IP. Many cassette awnings can be retrofitted with a motor. This is installed in the tube that winds in the awning. 

Sonne, Schatten, Schutz –
einfach smart geregelt.

Protection against storms and rain

Integration into the smart home means that besides the awning being operated via your smartphone, it can also be controlled automatically. The "storm protection" and "rain protection" functions close the awning in time before it is damaged by the weather. Storms and rain can be detected via online weather data. However, detection is more precise with a Homematic IP weather station, which measures wind and rain on site. Very practical: The frahling sensor also registers the brightness. This means that awnings can be automatically extended in strong sunlight to wrap the house and terrace in cooling shade.

Efficient garden watering

As summers get hotter and hotter, automatic garden and plant watering is also becoming increasingly important. It's particularly sustainable when rainwater or well water is used and watering is done during the morning hours.


Both are possible if you use a pump to pump the water and integrate the pump into the Homematic IP system via a switch socket or a wireless actuator. Requirements: The pump starts pumping immediately when power is applied and no further button pressing is required. If this is the case, schedules can be set up in a few simple steps via the Homematic IP app so that your garden is watered automatically. 


Other equipment in the garden can be integrated quickly and easily into the Homematic IP smart home via partner systems. Connection to Mediola, Home Connect Plus, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant lets you also integrate other manufacturers' robot mowers, watering computers and outdoor speakers. This means you're well prepared for the next outdoor season.