Haus von Außen Urlaub

Are all the windows really closed, are all the lights off and is the cellar door locked? Unfortunately, these questions often come up only when one is already on the way to the vacation. So you go on vacation with the hope that everything will fit - but the queasy feeling remains.

Not so with a smart home. Here, a glance at the smartphone is enough to see whether everything is fine at home. Even better, the smart home immediately lets you know if something is wrong. For example, if a burglar is tampering with the house, a fire breaks out, or water leaks out.

Easy installation

To protect your home with smart technology, no great effort is required. If you want to secure windows and doors, door and window contacts that reliably detect every opening will help. The unobtrusive sensors can be easily attached with double-sided adhesive tape. Motion detectors, which you can place in almost any location or mount on the wall, track intruders who have nevertheless entered the house. A loud, cordless alarm siren helps drive away the burglars.


With Homematic IP, configuring the security system is just as easy as installing it. That's because the free Homematic IP app guides you through the steps of installation. In doing so, you simply specify that motion detectors, window contacts and alarm sirens should secure the home - and the components are configured accordingly. This is already enough for you to activate "Full protection" when you leave the house. In this mode, all motion detectors and door and window contacts are armed. So as soon as a burglar opens a window or door, the alarm siren starts wailing and you receive a message on your smartphone. If a burglar makes it into the house through an unsecured entrance, the motion detectors are on the spot. An unnoticed intrusion is impossible in this way.


In the "Envelope protection" mode, only the building envelope is monitored. In this mode, only the door and window contacts are active as security sensors, but the motion detectors do not trigger an alarm. So you can sleep at night with a good feeling and at the same time move freely in the house.


If the security system is activated, it keeps even experienced burglars away. If an intruder tries to tear a door and window contact off its frame, the sabotage contact triggers immediately. If he uses a transmitter to jam the Homematic IP radio, this will also be noticed and an alarm will be triggered immediately. And even if the burglar cuts the Internet and destroys the access point, the security system continues to work.

Through the alarm modes, you secure the home both when you are at home and when you are away.

Alarmsirene an Haus

So the neighborhood knows immediately: In case of a burglary, the alarm siren starts - outside to howl and flash.

The House Defends Itself

You get added security when the house not only sounds the alarm in an emergency, but proactively deters intruders and even helps defend itself. For example, networked lamps and Rollläden Anwesenheit simulieren, when no one is at home. Shutters then start moving as usual in the morning and evening, and lights randomly turn on in rooms. For the burglar, the house looks occupied - and he moves on.

If the thief nevertheless starts an attempted break-in, it notices motion detectors around the house. They turn on the outside lights and expose the burglar in the dark. In addition, shutters can be lowered so the burglar has an additional barrier to overcome.

If the burglar still cannot be dissuaded by this from his intention, the Smart Home drives up further guns. Thus begin with the breaking open of a window not only interior and external siren to howl. All the smoke detectors also sound the alarm, the lights go on throughout the house and the shutters go up. This calls the neighbors to attention and should make even the most stubborn intruder give up. Picking a smart home for a burglary is truly not something you can recommend to any thief.

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360-degree protection

Homematic IP not only secures your home from break-ins. With Homematic IP smoke detectors, you are also optimally protected, for example, in the case of fire . In the event of a fire, all detectors in the house start to howl and you receive an alarm on your smartphone. In this way, you get even in the bedroom with when it burns in the basement. At the same time, all shutters go up to facilitate the escape.

The Homematic IP water sensor additionally prevents water damage. For example, if the dishwasher leaks or the bathtub overflows, the sensor starts beeping. If an alarm siren is connected, it too can draw attention to the leaking water with a special tone.