The quest for IT security is like a constant race: Every new technical achievement, every feature potentially offers cybercriminals a gateway. It is therefore all the more important to continuously improve and review one's own security measures. To this end, eQ-3, the manufacturer of the Homematic IP smart home system, has been working with AV-Test for years. Every year, Homematic IP has to prove itself anew in the strict testing process of this independent German institute for IT security. In particular, the Homematic IP Access Point and the Homematic IP App checked for potential vulnerabilities and security holes.


Homematic IP was also able to convince all around in these tests in 2023. Neither the iOS nor the Android version of the app exhibits critical weaknesses. Local communication and the connection to the cloud are "adequately secured" according to AV-Test. Homematic IP relies on complex encryption and authentication for all device communication, based on proven technologies that banks also use.


AV-Test praises not only this high level of security, however, but also Homematic IP's sparing use of data and its detailed privacy policy. With its "excellent" data protection concept, Homematic IP is one of the most data protection-friendly solutions on the smart home market, the experts judge. The entire use of Homematic IP is completely anonymous and without annoying registration, only the IP address must be recorded in encrypted form for technical reasons. Conclusions about the identity or user behavior are not possible.



In addition to AV-Test, the renowned VDE also checks the security of Homematic IP every year. In November 2022, the system was certified for the sixth time in a row in the areas of protocol, IT, and data security.