Temperature and humidity sensor – outdoor, anthracite

With the smart temperature and humidity sensor for outdoors, you always have an eye on the weather and can control various functions in your smart home.

Keep an eye on temperature and humidity

Winter, when the outside temperature is freezing, is exactly the time when you'd prefer to keep your windows closed to keep the heat inside the house. However, insufficiently frequent ventilation can cause mould to develop. With the Homematic IP temperature and humidity sensor for outdoor use, you can minimise this risk the smart way. The humidity indoors and outdoors is permanently compared in combination with a Homematic IP wall thermostat with humidity detection. You then receive a ventilation recommendation in your app when needed and only need to ventilate when it is really necessary.

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Keep an eye on humidity

The sensor measures the temperature and humidity in your outdoor area. You can see all the measured values in the Homematic IP app.

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Intelligent ventilation recommendation

Permanently reduce the risk of mould in your home with the smart ventilation recommendation. 


In conjunction with a wall thermostat with humidity sensor (e.g. HmIP-WTH-2), the units always balance the humidity indoors and outdoors. You can get a ventilation recommendation if you want one. 

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Smart shading

By means of automatic shading, the intelligent thermal protection prevents your living spaces from overheating in summer. 


In combination with the Homematic IP shutters actuators (e.g. HmIP-FROLL), your house stays cool even when temperatures outdoors are high. 

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Easy installation 

Just mount the sensor on a wall or place it on a shelf outside.


The right anchors and screws are included for uncomplicated wall mounting.

Your advantages at a glance

Do you want to live more safely, save money and protect the environment, or simply increase your living comfort? There are many good reasons for a Smart Home. Find out more now!

Control access

Deter burglars

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Use the app

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05. July 2023

Travel with a safe feeling: How to protect your home with smart home technology

No one there to look after the house during the holidays? No problem, because your Smart Home protects itself: It keeps burglars away and lets you know immediately if something should happen.

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Homematic IP means modern, flexible and secure technology from the European market leader*. Let the advantages of our system win you over, and start living smarter straight away. 

With some smart home providers, you have to make a choice: Do you have everything wired, or do you go fully wireless? Some systems are also hermetically sealed and do not accept devices from other manufacturers. Here at Homematic IP, we have a different approach. We are guided by you!

The Homematic IP app

Configure all the settings for your smart home in the Homematic IP app, and use it to control, regulate and monitor your devices whenever you want – without providing any personal data!
A smart home system is particularly robust, interference-proof and reliable when the devices communicate with each other via wired connections. And data transmission is very fast with cables, too. That all comes together with Homematic IP Wired.

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