Widgets are intelligent shortcuts. They enable Homematic IP customers to activate Homematic IP app functions directly from a smartphone's home screen – without having to open the app. The new Homematic IP widgets can be positioned as desired and follow the smartphone's light and dark mode settings.

As a first step, widgets will be available for Homematic IP light actuators and light groups as well as the Homematic IP door lock drive. Unlocking and locking a door, for example, or switching on a light or a lighting scene can be displayed directly on the smartphone's home screen and easily operated.

By introducing the widgets, we are making it even easier for customers to use the Homematic IP app, which no longer needs to be opened for its main functions. This makes operating a smart home even easier”, explains Bernd Grohmann, Managing Board and CTO of eQ-3.

Widgets are available for Apple iOS and Android at the same time.

In addition to widgets, the latest update also provides more automation. Am automation function allows countless tasks to be automated within the Homematic IP system and processes to be linked together. According to individual needs. Is a window still open after 10 p.m.? A relevant check and notification type can be easily configured and automated via the Homematic IP app. With the latest app update, push messages now provide users with quick and instant information from the Homematic IP system.

Using the Homematic IP smartphone apps and the cloud remains free of charge even with these extensions, and no personal data needs to be entered.