Smart heating can be this easy. The new Evo radiator thermostat from Homematic IP means that anyone can turn their old radiators into smart wonders in just a few minutes. The benefits are obvious. Smart heating means that your home is never too hot or too cold. Instead, temperatures are always perfect, according to your own daily routines and personal preferences. Individual heating profiles are easy to set via the free Homematic IP app, and Evo takes care of the rest. For example, heating takes place automatically so that your bathroom is already pleasantly warm when you get up in the morning. If work finishes early, adjusting home heating remotely is also easy.

More comfort and yet less energy consumption. Precision temperature sensors and smart open-window detection mean that Evo only heats when it's really necessary. Its low-noise motor enables adjustments to be made in just seconds. In combination with window and door contacts, heating costs can be reduced by up to 30%. This not only protects your bank account, but also the environment. 

The evolution in smart heating

With its elegant, simple shape, Evo fits perfectly into any home. Its housing is optimally designed to accommodate the technology and it enhances the innovative operating concept: to precisely adjust the temperature directly on the device requires minimal action of a “tilt” button. The LED display integrated into the housing only lights up when in use and provides high-contrast information about current settings. The Evo was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2021 for its design, appearance and operation.

“Smart technology and a stylish exterior merge into one in our new Homematic IP Evo radiator thermostat. It therefore represents the next evolutionary step in smart heating”

- Bernd Grohmann, Managing Director of eQ-3 AG - 

Reliable and secure

Like all Homematic IP products, Evo meets the highest standards of reliability, security and data privacy. It works reliably and is failure-proof because the control data is stored directly in the device. It also meets the same high standards of safety as the entire Homematic IP system, whose security on protocols, IT and data security have been certified by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). Entry of personal data is not required. 

The new EVO Homematic IP radiator thermostat can be purchased online, in stores and from authorised retailers. Pre-ordering is possible from now.